Natural Ways You Can Opt In Order To Keep Flies Under Control

It’s that time of the year when you have to keep your kids and yourselves protected from various flies and insects that specially come out during the summer season. A lot of you may be struggling to get rid of flies in order to be saved from illnesses and diseases and trying out various methods for the same. If you are looking for effective ways then we are here to provide you with natural fly control mechanisms to keep you and your loved ones healthy and safe. Let’s find out what are those ways;

  1. Basil

One of the most effective and fruitful natural ways in order to keep flies away from your home is to your basil leaves. Know the flies loathe the smell of basil and cannot stand its existence anywhere. If you are suffering from a situation where there are many flies around in your house, then we recommend you to place around a few basil leaves or plants in your kitchen and see it for yourself how these flies disappear in no time.

  1. Cloves

Another interesting natural remedy for getting rid of flies is by using cloves. Just like how flies hate the smell of basil, same is the case with clove too. What you can do is that you place dried cloves in every problematic area of your house from which you feel the flies are entering from. Once you have them placed, you would see it for yourself how quickly these fly control HACCP away in no time.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Know that flies love the smell that comes from vinegar and apples. How about you create a confusion for them and prepare a trap that would work against them? Well, what you can do is that mix some apple cider vinegar and some liquid soap in a small bowl in order to confuse the flies of the smell. The aroma that will occur from this mixture would automatically attract the flies but because the soap in this liquid mixture acts as a trap for the flies, their will create a tension amongst them.

  1. Mint, Marigold and Lavender

We suggest people if they have a backyard or a garden in the house that they plant up marigold, mint and lavender there as this is not only ideal for beautification of any place but also keeps the flies away from entering your home. It’s a win – win situation for you as your house looks aesthetically pleasing with regards to the beautiful plants as well as you get to stay away from the mosquitoes and flies entering your house too.